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Leanne puts herself in danger, dealing drugs, to protect Simon from Harvey in Corrie

But has she caused more problems than solutions?

Asking for her job back, Leanne tells Simon she's going to ask for an advance on her wages to pay Harvey off. But when Imran refuses to give her an advance, Leanne masks her panic after Nick offers to loan her £1,000, but no more.

Approaching Harvey’s car with trepidation, she hands him the £1k, telling him she’s Simon’s Mum and that’s all he’s getting. But she's left shaken when Harvey makes it clear that unless he gets the rest of the money, he'll put them in hospital.

Back home, she assures Simon that everything is sorted and that Harvey is off their case. But as a relieved Simon heads off, Leanne pulls a bag of drugs from her handbag!

After receiving a text from Harvey with the details of her first drugs drop, Leanne arrives at a seedy flat, where a menacing bloke ushers her in while he checks the pills. When she's eventually released, Leanne leaves with her heart pounding and fights back the tears.

Back on the street, Nick demands to know what's going on - convinced she and Simon are hiding something. Despite managing to fob Nick off, Leanne realises she's trapped and there's nothing she can do after taking a call from Harvey about her next drop.

Later, as they meet in Speed Daal, Simon apologises to Sam in front of Nick for the incident with Jacob. When Nick wonders where Leanne is, she arrives late, painting on a smile and assuring Nick everything is fine. Will he see through her lies?

And as Natasha returns from London, Nick’s disappointed to realise his time with Sam has come to an end. He asks Leanne about moving back in but he’s hurt when Leanne insists it’s too soon.

But at Sam’s suggestion, Natasha tells Nick he’s welcome to stay with them and Nick’s grateful. Will he take her up on the offer?

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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