Lexi overhears Lola talking to 'boyfriend' Jay in EastEnders and starts cheating rumour

Will the rumour reach Honey?

Honey is disappointed to see a hungover Jay walking into the café making plans with Frankie and Lola about going out again tonight.

Later at Peggy’s, a drunk Jay pretends to be Lola’s boyfriend to get a guy off her back and Ash sees them leave together.

As Lola and Jay laugh off Jay’s drunk antics of being her ‘boyfriend’ last night, they don't realise that Lexi has overheard.

When she later sees a disagreement between Jay and Honey, Lexi tells Will that Jay is cheating with Lola. Angry, Will tells Jada and the gossip starts to spread.

Meanwhile, Honey pretends to be happy when Jay surprises her with a spa break but in The Vic, Ash tells her that Jay is cheating with Lola. When Billy comes in he punches a confused Jay while a mortified Lola watches on.

As Lola and Jay explain to Honey, Billy and Will the misunderstanding, will Honey believe them?

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