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Lola makes a shocking discovery in EastEnders after her mum's true identity is revealed

What will this mean for her relationship with her mum?

Following reports that an unknown adult has attacked Lexi’s school friend Maisie for picking on her about her Lola’s ailing health, Lola is called into Lexi's school.

Fearing her newfound online presence may be to blame, Lola begins to fear for her and her family's safety.

Later on at the salon, Lola’s world is turned upside down as Nicole’s true identity is revealed.

Overcome with emotion, Lola is weak from her gruelling treatment and after Billy and Jay become concerned, she gets checked over by a doctor at home. And the emotion of the day continues when an unwelcome guest turns up on their doorstep... Emma!

As Lola makes a shocking discovery about her past, will she be able to accept the truth? And what does this mean for her relationship with her mum?

After agreeing to meet Emma for lunch, Lola invites Jay along when she senses his hesitation towards the meeting.

At The Vic, it's clear that Emma is determined to progress her relationship with Lola as quickly as possible to make up for lost time. As they continue to build their relationship, Emma and Lola look through a series of old photographs.

Losing track of time, Lola almost misses Lexi’s school presentation and after a chat with Billy and Jay, Lola realises she is spreading herself too thin and decides to scale back on the amount of time she is spending with Emma.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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