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Maria receives death threats in Corrie

Could Max be behind them?

As part of a school project on displacement, Max conducts an interview with his new friend, from Iraq.

Later, David and Shona are disappointed when Mrs Crawshaw informs them that Max cannot return to Weatherfield High, as there are no places available. And Max is devastated when he finds out that Daryan is starting at Weatherfield High and accuses him of stealing his place.

Meanwhile, Maria is unsettled by the disparaging comments under an online article about her rehoming of refugees and shows David and Shona a comment from a troll which gives away where she works.

Popping home, David asks Max if he can use his laptop but when Max refuses David is suspicious. When Maria reveals her home address has not been revealed David confides to Shona that he believes Max is behind it, as revenge over Daryan.

As David vows to confront him, Shona is worried and Max later denies having anything to do with it. But is he telling the truth?

At No.8, Max totally blanks David for having him interrogated by the police and David tells Shona they will see what the police find on Max’s laptop.

As Max rows with David for showing no faith in him, David takes a call from the police informing him they are coming round to talk to them. What will they have to say?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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