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Max publicly accuses Daniel of abusing his power with Summer in Corrie

But will the fallout be what Max expected?

Please note these spoilers are for the week commencing Monday 6th December

As Amy and Asha scroll through Daisy’s Instagram pics, admiring her tiny waist, Summer puts her sandwich down.

And when Daniel praises the Ice Ball decorations, Summer sways slightly and admits she skipped lunch. As he grabs her arm to steady her, a suspicious Max films their exchange and when Daniel slips an energy bar into Summer’s bag, Max catches the act on camera.

Rifling through her bag, Max pockets the love poem Daniel wrote down for Summer, assuming it to be proof of a relationship.

Having knocked back some vodka, Max confronts Daniel at the Ice Ball, accusing him of abusing his position with Summer. Daniel is left shell shocked as Max claims he has proof. Taking Summer to one side, Daniel tells her about Max's allegations.

Mortified, Summer vows to put him straight, but when she belittles Max, she has no idea of what she’s unleashed in Max as he does his worst.

Distraught, Summer assures Billy and Paul that Daniel is entirely innocent as Mrs Crawshaw, interviews Max first, then Daniel.

After Max shows her the film and poem he found in Summer’s bag, Daniel assures her that he has never behaved inappropriately with a pupil and Summer confirms to Mrs Cranshaw that Daniel’s done nothing wrong.

But when she confides in Paul over how she and Daniel connected emotionally, but he couldn’t act upon it because of his position, he's horrified, convinced he was grooming her.

When a police officer asks Summer if she was the female who Daniel had hidden in his flat last week, a desolate Summer confirms it wasn’t her.

Furious at Paul for going to the police, Summer points out that Daniel had a girlfriend all along. Opening up to Daisy, Summer explains how Daniel only ever showed her kindness but she had a huge crush on him.

Will Daisy be able to help Daniel find a way through this mess?

After Summer rounds on him for humiliating her in front of the whole school, Max attends a meeting with the deputy head where he claims he doesn’t regret punching Daniel and wishes he’d done it harder. Mrs Crawshaw tells David that she’s no option but to recommend Max for permanent expulsion.

Railing at Daniel, David blames him for Max’s expulsion.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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