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Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing WILL return for a fourth series

The news comes after fans saw series three come to an end and worried that we'd never see Bob and Paul fishing again!

Series three, which ended on Sunday, was watched by an average audience of 1.8m across the first five episodes of the series, with viewers delighted to watch Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse return to the riverbanks of the UK.

Series four will return to BBC Two in 2021 for six brand new episodes and each episode will continue to centre on catching a key species of fish, with Paul using his extensive knowledge of fishing to guide Bob, and with Bob hunting out places to stay and creating heart-healthy menus through-out their travels.

Speaking about returning for a new series, Paul Whitehouse said "The fish of the UK needn’t worry too much as Bob and I return for another series of Gone Fishing. I love Bob and he needs me more than ever so we’re back on the river bank for more high jinks and another series basking in the timeless wonder of the glorious British countryside."

To which Bob Mortimer added "I love doing this show and am over the moon to get the chance to go fishing with Paul again. I am already working on heart healthy recipes to cook and new ways to irritate him."

And BBC Two's Controller Patrick Holland spoke about renewing the series, saying "With so many rivers left to fish, so many stories to be told, and so many new ways for Bob to fall over, it was inevitable that this glorious series would return. Thank you Bob and Paul for making a truly unique series."

Once again Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing will be directed by Rob Gill and Executive Producer Lisa Clark said "We’re all delighted with the positive reaction from so many people, particularly from those looking for a little light relief and escapism in these tricky times we’re all facing. The series is a joy to make and I think that comes across in each episode."

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing will return in 2021 to BBC Two

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