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Naked footage of Asha does the rounds online in Corrie

But how will Dev react when he finds out? And will he tell the police?

When Dev forces Asha to attend Mary’s youth volunteering group tidying up Victoria Gardens, Aadi clocks one of the lads sniggering at Asha.

Whilst Amy, Summer and Kelly try to comfort Asha, Aasi starts a fight with the lad for mocking his sister. As the boys brawl, Mary is helpless and Asha is sickened when she is sent a link to her naked video on a porn site.

Later in the cafe, Corey apologises to Asha for recording her without consent and as Amy and Kelly get into a vicious row over who was responsible for Asha’s nightmare, Gary is forced to intervene.

Appalled after seeing the video of Asha on Max's phone, David informs Dev who then rails at Asha. Heartbroken, he later holds his sobbing daughter as she begs him not to go to the police. Reluctantly, he agrees.

But when Aadi reveals that the video has made its way onto the internet, Dev goes to the police station to report the two school kids. After hearing that her father went back on his word, Asha is furious.


Coronation Street continues Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th April at 7.30pm on ITV

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