Nancy discovers the truth about her car accident in EastEnders

Could this be the end of her and Zack? And what will Nancy make of Frankie's confession?

When she spots Peter looking at the Argee Bhajee, Sharon is surprised and he tells her that he wants to expand the business. Telling Zack to pitch an idea to Peter, he’s uninterested by Zack’s lack of money.

In The Vic, Zack tells Nancy what happened with his idea and is floored when she suggests they go into business together. Nervous at the thought of using her money, Zack's guilt rises.

But as Zack tries to decline Nancy’s offer, she is very persuasive and tells the rest of the family her plans with Zack. Mick is determined to put a stop to it whilst Linda offers to talk some sense into Sharon to get her to go to the police.

When Mick tells Zack to stay away from Nancy, he reminds him that they’re both lying to her and Mick loses his temper and punches Zack!

Later, Mick tells Frankie they have to tell Nancy the truth.

After a change of heart, Frankie decides to come clean to her sister as Mick watches on. How will she react?

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