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Newcomer Felix wonders if he might be JJ's biological father in Neighbours

Conflicted, will Felix search for answers?


When Andrew’s brother Felix is released on bail, Andrew brings him home to stay at the Rodwell house. Initially, things are a little tense as Andrew takes his role as parole sponsor very formally. But Wendy and Sadie are happy to have Felix there and he begins to settle in.

When Felix is introduced to JJ, he grows privately uncomfortable about his secret knowledge. Could Felix be JJ’s biological father?

Struggling with the possibility that he might have a son, a conflicted Felix is drawn to JJ out of sheer curiosity.

During a boxing lesson with Andrew, Felix is left shaken when he clocks the birthmark on JJ that’s identical to his own.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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