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Nicola unveils her memorial bus stop for Harriet and Liv in Emmerdale

But will she get the support of the village?

Excited to hear her new bus stop is finished, Nicola is disappointed by Bernice’s lack of enthusiasm and snaps at Bernice, who is shocked by Nicola’s touching gesture when she reveals the bus stop is really a memorial for Harriet and Liv.

As she's let down by the council, a stressed Nicola has her faith in humanity restored when she sees the turnout for her reveal.

As Nicola nervously flaps about making a speech, she's able to deliver a touching message to the village.

However, a car screeches into the village and Laurel’s face drops to see Colin arrive! Annoyed, Colin is frustrated that the unveiling has taken place and demands to start again, but the crowd are unimpressed when Colin delivers a lacklustre speech.

As they start to disperse, Colin rages at Laurel and Jai, all to be caught on the reporter’s video. And whilst Nicola’s elated to hear Colin’s outburst is trending online, Laurel’s uneasy to think their celebrations are vindictive.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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