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Pastor Clayton sexually assaults Yolande as Patrick returns in EastEnders

Confiding in Elaine, will Yolande tell anyone else about the attack?


With Yolande busy organising the fundraiser with Pastor Clayton, Patrick arrives home and as they catch up, Pastor Clayton is irritated that Yolande’s focus has been diverted. 

Stunned to hear that Denise is living at Phil’s, Patrick later confronts Jack and Denise asks Yolande not to tell Patrick about her hospital stay. But he soon becomes suspicious that they are keeping something from him.

Trying to find out why Denise isn’t angry about Jack cheating, Patrick arranges a meal with her, Chelsea and the kids to spend quality family time together. 

Although Yolande is busy with the fundraiser, she agrees to attend, and when Pastor Clayton interrupts their meal, she invites him to join them.

Over dinner, Patrick becomes aware that Pastor Clayton knows more than he does about Denise’s troubles and gets jealous of his closeness to Yolande and the family.

In an hour-long episode on Wednesday, it’s the day of the fundraiser, Yolande is stressed and matters are made worse by barbed comments from Pastor Clayton’s wife, Stella. 

At No.20, Patrick isn’t impressed to find Yolande and Pastor Clayton alone, even though they are just picking up supplies. As Yolande and Patrick have a furious row, she tells him not to come to the event. 

Before the fundraiser, Yolande is alone in the kitchen at the Community Centre when Pastor Clayton comes to find her and sexually assaults her. 

Following the attack, Yolande seeks solace at the Laundrette where she confides in Elaine.

Wednesday's hour-long episode will also include flashback accounts of women who have previously been sexually assaulted by Pastor Clayton as it becomes clear that this is not his first offence.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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