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Paul hits rock bottom in Neighbours as Sadie drops a huge bombshell at David's wake

Sensing an opportunity, can Chelsea convince Paul to let her move in?


After seeing Andrew having a frustrating time plugging the holes in Eden’s story, Sadie later catches sight of a jumper belonging to Eden. Surprised to remember seeing it once before, Sadie begins a little investigation of her own.

Chelsea is relieved to learn that Paul’s happy to have her in his life despite her being attracted to his money and offering an olive branch to Remi, Chelsea wants to put Remi’s warning to David and Leo behind them.

As the Varga-Murphy family seem well and truly back on track, Chelsea may not be as

forgiving as she seems.

Meanwhile, after being barred from David’s funeral, Krista is hurt. But she's surprised when the share house residents band together to help her through the day and overwhelmed by the support from a group of people she barely knows.

As the day of David’s funeral arrives, everyone prepares in their own way. Wendy clings to her daughter, Terese and Toadie reaffirm their promise to put each other first, and the Robinson-Tanaka-Harris-Stone clan rally around Aaron. But when Aaron rejects their support, Nicolette worries about the effect it’ll have on Isla.

Desperate to cement her place at Paul’s side and support him through the funeral, Chelsea is

thwarted first by Leo, then by Lucy.

Having been asked not to attend the funeral by Leo, Krista struggles with her feelings about David’s death and holds a private memorial at the lake, saying goodbye and sorry to David in her own way. Admitting his mistake, Leo asks Krista to attend the wake.

Trying to assuage his guilt by being there for David’s husband and daughter, Paul counsels Aaron to stop trying to be strong and let his family, particularly Isla, share in his pain.

But his guilt is only made worse when Aaron takes his advice and tosses aside his prepared eulogy for a devastated speech from the heart.

Unable to get through his own eulogy, Paul’s self-loathing builds throughout the wake until the one other person he deems worthy of his disgust walks in.

As Paul interrupts the wake with a venomous, hypocritical tirade at Krista, Sadie reveals all and as everyone waits for his reaction to her claim, Paul confirms that he did meet with Eden and encouraged him to find Krista after telling him that she was pregnant.

Revealing his plan, Paul only wanted Eden to scare Krista away or make her fall off the wagon, to break her and Leo up.

Figuring that Eden was nonviolent, Paul thought he would only approach Krista on her own, that Leo would be able to handle him if anything happened and that David wouldn't interfere.

With everyone stunned, Paul is left alone at the Waterhole and Leo and Aaron apologise to Krista for the way they have treated her.

When Paul pleads for forgiveness from Aaron and Leo, Aaron kicks him out of the house and Paul confesses all to Lucy who struggles to deal with him as well.

Finding out what happened, Chelsea tries to speak to Paul but he would rather be with Lucy. Befriending Lucy, Chelsea joins her for drinks.

Confessing to her parents, Sadie admits that Paul was bribing her to spy on Leo and Krista. Disappointed, Andrew and Wendy feel responsible because of things they’ve done in the past.

Escaping the house to have a drink with Byron, Sadie is given some encouraging words whch make her feel better about herself.

Paul is devastated when Leo tells him that he's moving out of the apartment and as he struggles to come to terms with the part he played in David’s death, hits rock bottom.

With Lucy due to head back to the US, she knows there’s no possible way she can leave Paul given the state he’s currently in, even though it’s going to be near impossible to juggle all her work and family commitments,

Meanwhile, Chelsea continues to spar with Remi and when she pointedly asks how much longer Chelsea intends to stay, it's clear that she's on borrowed time.

So when Lucy confides in her over her frustration over needing to stay in Australia to look after Paul, Chelsea sees an opportunity for herself and arranges to move in with Paul.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freeve

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