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Ryan is arrested for stealing cash from the bistro during 'blackout' Corrie

Will he drop Debbie in it?

In the bistro, Debbie instructs Ryan to stage a break-in so that she can then make a claim on the insurance. But he's furious when she later tells him that the robbery is off.

With ‘Casino Night’ underway, Ryan tells Debbie that he’s going to fuse the electrics and grab the cash from the safe. And when the bistro is plunged into darkness, Debbie reluctantly helps with Ryan’s plan.

As the Bistro customers file into the Rovers, Ryan stuffs the cash in his gym bag, but when Leanne arrives, Ryan hides. Leanne flicks the switch and the lights come back on. Clutching his bag of stolen cash, Ryan comes out from his hiding place and makes out he’s just arrived.

Heading back to the Rovers, Leanne tells the customers that ‘Casino Night’ is back on and Ryan assures Debbie that the cash is stashed in his bedroom.

Later, Leanne is horrified to discover all the money gone and Debbie orders Ryan to call the police.

After questioning Debbie, Leanne and Nick about the break-in, Craig calls into the Rovers and questions Ryan.

Ed reveals that the CCTV has a backup circuit and won’t have been affected by the power cut.

As Craig presses play on the CCTV, Leanne, Nick, Debbie and Ronnie watch and see that Ryan is the perpetrator.

As Ryan is arrested on suspicion of theft, Ronnie accuses Debbie of orchestrating an insurance scam. But when Debbie denies it, will he believe her lies?

After undergoing a police interview, Ryan realises he's lost everything and calls Debbie from the police station, threatening to drop her in it. What will Debbie do?

Later, in the street, Nick tells Ryan he’s got 24 hours to return the cash or he’ll make sure the police throw the book at him. And Debbie has a plan as Ryan assures her that he told the police that he was coerced into the robbery by some dodgy blokes who threatened to kill him.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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