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Sharon helps Kathy and Ian to resolve their issues in EastEnders

But what will Cindy make of their reunion?

Struggling with her current living arrangements, Kathy tells Rocky it's time they found their own place, but Rocky lies and insists he’s not yet been paid by Jay.

Wanting to make money fast, Rocky hatches a plan to sell more cars in hopes the extra commission will secure his and Kathy’s future.

Rocky decides to invite Ian, Cindy and Peter over for lunch under the ruse that Kathy wants them all the bury the hatchet. But when Rocky’s secret agenda to win them round, so they can move back into No.45, is soon rumbled, the peace talks quickly ascend into chaos.

As Kathy and Rocky go house-hunting, they put an offer on a studio flat, but unbeknownst to Kathy, they don’t have the funds to pay for the deposit due to Rocky’s gambling.

Later, in the café, Sharon and Kathy have a heart-to-heart and when Kathy reveals that she misses Ian, Sharon hatches a plan to invite Ian to the café for wine.

As Sharon acts as a mediator, it's not long before Ian and Kathy resolve their issues as they share their love for one another.

Soon, they drunkenly head back to No.45 where Cindy and Kathy exchange some tense words.

The following day in the café, Cindy, Peter and a hungover Ian discuss their potential investment opportunity but their conversation is cut short when Ian receives a shocking phone call. There is a competitor for the lease on the pawnbrokers which could scupper their plans.

Later, Ian heads to The Vic and attempts to use his heart attack as a sympathy card but his hopes come crashing down when Elaine rumbles Ian’s agenda and George reveals that he and Cindy are not entitled to any money from the Marbella bar sale.

Meanwhile, Kathy tells Reiss that she and Rocky are moving out, but after Reiss’ saddened response, they decide to stay put.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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