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Sheridan Smith and Céline Buckens to lead new Paramount+ thriller The Castaways

Based on the bestselling novel by Lucy Clarke, the five-part drama will see Sheridan Smith and Céline Buckens star as sisters Lori and Erin.

Credit: Nick James / Phil Sharp

This new five-part adaptation of Lucy Clarke's The Castaways, follows sisters Lori and Erin on the holiday of a lifetime in Fiji. After a huge fight, Erin never boards the island-hopping flight to their tropical resort - and the plane, with Lori on board, never arrives at its destination.

Months later, no wreckage has been found, no survivors discovered. With the search abandoned, Erin remains a lone, desperate voice refusing to give up hope. Suddenly, Lori’s credit card is used in a corner shop in a remote village in Fiji.

On the CCTV, Erin recognises the plane’s pilot back from the dead. She immediately sets out from the UK to find him and discover the mystery of her sister’s fate.

Jumping between the two sisters’ perspectives, The Castaways will follow Erin’s present day investigation and Lori’s struggle for survival following the crash onto a tropical and remote desert island.

As dark secrets are revealed both in the past and present day, each shocking twist and turn slowly reveals the truth about what happened to Lori and her fellow passengers, a truth that someone on the island will kill to keep secret.

Speaking about playing Lori, Sheridan Smith said "I’m so excited to be working with Céline Buckens and to be part of this amazing production bringing Lucy Clarke’s best selling novel to life. And, as I’m currently playing Shirley Valentine in London’s West End, it’s ironic that I finally get to go Greece!"

To which Céline Buckens who'll play Erin, added: “I’m really thrilled to bring Erin to life - she’s a firecracker and the scripts bring layers and darkness to such an arresting premise. I hope audiences will be as hooked watching it as I was reading it."

Produced by Clapperboard Studios and BlackBox Multimedia, The Castaways will film on location in Greece and Fiki and be executive produced by Mike Benson for Clapperboard Studios, Giuliano Papadia and Chiara Cardoso for BlackBox Multimedia and lead writer Ben Harris who will share writing responsibilities with Polly Buckle and Jesse O’Mahoney. It'll be directed by Andy Tohill and Ryan Tohill with Myf Hopkins as producer.

Author of the original novel, Lucy Clarke said "I'm so delighted that The Castaways is being made for Paramount+. It promises to be an incredible adaptation; the scriptwriting is electric, and Sheridan and Céline are perfectly cast as Lori and Erin. It is such fun working with the teams at Clapperboard and BlackBox who couldn't be more passionate about bringing my novel to life."

To which executive producer Mike Benson added "Both ourselves and Blackbox are absolutely delighted to be working once again with two of the UK’s most remarkable actresses in Sheridan and Céline."

"In Ben Harris we have one of the most empathetic and thrilling writers and both he and the writing team have done a tremendous job adapting Lucy’s gripping novel. We’re determined to deliver a fantastic series for our friends and partners at Paramount+ and BBC Studios."

The Castaways will air on Paramount+


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