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Stacey makes a horrifying discovery as Jean questions her protectiveness of Lily in EastEnders

Will Stacey be able to move on from Theo?

Following a sleepless night courtesy of baby Charli, Stacey takes charge, but Lily convinces her and Eve to go to work and let her take care of her baby daughter.

Reluctantly, Stacey agrees, but disaster strikes when Lily and Ricky go out and Jack is horrified to find them clowning about with baby Charli. Marching over to Stacey, Jack throws accusations about and a mortified Stacey drags Lily home.

Later on in the week, as Stacey and Lily fake that everything is perfect for the social worker, Jean is concerned and tries to encourage her daughter not to be so heavy-handed with Lily and to let her make mistakes and learn.

But as Stacey continues nit-picking Lily's parenting, Jean tells her off.

When Stacey explains why she's being so protective, Jean reminds her that Theo has gone and Lily is the one who must protect Charli now.

However, when Stacey goes outside, finds something horrifying waiting for her.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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