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Stacey tries to lure her stalker to No.31 in EastEnders

Can Theo continue to outsmart Stacey? Or is the game finally up?

After receiving lingerie from her stalker at the bap van, Stacey hatches a plan with Eve to lure him to No.31. But their plan is interrupted when Martin finds Stacey hiding outside the house.

After their conversation turns sour, Stacey bumps into Theo who covers and explains he’s arrived to talk to Stacey about Lily’s tutoring. Inviting Theo in for a cup of tea, Stacey is unaware of the potential danger she may be in.

As she searches for the identity of her stalker, Stacey is on high alert around the men of Walford and decides to take the afternoon off to watch the Women’s World Cup in The Albert. But as she starts to enjoy herself, Stacey's mood deflates when an awkward Martin and Zack arrive.

Later, Stacey finds herself in an uncomfortable situation when she is propositioned by a drunk reveller. Stepping in to save the day, Theo walks Stacey home after taking her for chips and she's grateful for his help.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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