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Stephen plans his exit after Carla confronts him over spiking her with LSD in Corrie

But can he convince Jenny to move with him to Thailand?

Although she can see the appeal of moving to Thailand on a permanent basis, Jenny tells Stephen that it’s a pipe dream and a holiday will do. Showing Jenny a picture of a bar in Thailand, Stephen explains that a friend owns it and he’s looking for a new manager.

As Jenny realises how serious he is about relocating, Stephen leans on her to start a new life in Thailand, but she won’t be swayed. Will she change her mind?

When Carla opens the letter from the clinic confirming that there were traces of LSD in her hair sample, she tells Peter that she thinks it was Rufus. But having checked the dates of her illness it doesn’t add up.

In the factory, Carla grimaces as she takes a sip of a coffee made by Michael. When Michael apologises, and points out that normally Stephen or Sarah make the coffee, Carla freezes as the truth dawns.

Dragging Stephen into the office, Carla tells him she knows he spiked her drinks with LSD and she’s going to prove it. As Carla storms out, Sarah’s unease is evident.

When Carla shares her suspicions about Stephen with DS Swain, she’s frustrated when DS Swain asserts that it’s mere speculation and she needs proper evidence.

Having heard Stephen talking to Jenny about moving to Thailand, Sarah reminds him that he still owes Audrey the money from the house and Stephen assures her it’s just a holiday.

As Stephen heads towards Rita’s flat he freezes when he hears ‘Sexy Boy’, the ringtone he heard by the canal. Turning, Stephen sees Tim answering his phone and realises with horror that he must have followed him that night.

Later, calling in the Kabin, Jenny tells Rita that's she made her mind up and is moving to Thailand.

In the café, Stephen is thrilled when Jenny tells him that she’d love to move to Thailand.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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