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Steve and Tracy urge Amy to report Aaron to the police in Corrie

Will the police take her allegation seriously? And will Aaron be arrested?

As Amy stands awkwardly in her bridesmaid dress Adam gives her a friendly squeeze and Amy flinches which doesn’t go unnoticed by Simon.

However, when he tries to broach the subject Amy snaps at him and Tracy clocks their exchange.

When Summer reads a text on Aaron’s phone suggesting to Amy they put things behind them, she demands to know what’s going on and stealing himself, Aaron admits they slept together the night they broke up, but it was a one-off and they both regret it.

Devastated, Summer confronts Amy who bursts into tears and assures her she’s got it all wrong before confessing to Tracy how Aaron raped her. As Amy describes how she passed out drunk and Aaron took advantage of her, Tracy is horrified. And a heartbroken Steve and Tracy urge Amy to report Aaron to the police.

With Tracy for support, Amy enters the police station and says she wants to report a rape. Will Aaron be arrested?

Striding over to her, Summer demands that Amy apologise for sleeping with Aaron. But when Amy reveals that Aaron raped her, Summer’s shocked and accuses her of lying. Amy explains she never consented to sex with Aaron and the police are taking her allegation seriously.

Having scrutinised Amy’s phone, DS Swain asks some awkward questions making Amy feel like the guilty party. Will they proceed with her case?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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