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The Carters are back behind the bar in EastEnders as Mick receives some news about Katy

But as Stuart seeks revenge on Frankie, will he discover the truth?

With Mick and Linda finally back behind the bar at The Queen Vic, Rainie and Stuart are suspicious about how everything has worked out for the Carters.

When DI Pine interrupts, he privately tells Mick that Katy has been arrested and they will start appealing for more survivors which leaves Mick anxious that people will become aware of what happened.

Learning that a woman has been arrested for historical child abuse offences, Stuart starts to piece together. When Frankie later visits The Vic, angry that everyone is going to find out about her mum, Stuart listens on, shocked at what he hears.

Desperate to get revenge for Mick, Stuart makes a phone call to Callum and Frankie later meets with Stuart at the car lot office.

With news of Katy's arrest out, Mick fears that everyone knows it’s about him and when he gets a worrying message from Stuart, Mick rushes to the car lot where he finds Stuart threatening Frankie.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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