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The truth is out about Aaron in EastEnders as Harvey abandons his son and announces he's leaving

But what does this mean for Bobby's plans to propose to Dana?

As news spreads around the Square, Mitch approaches Harvey to get his side of the story and Harvey admits that the rumours are true.

Visiting Aaron in prison, Harvey tells him this will be the last time he visits.

As Mitch and Patrick battle with the news about Aaron, Harvey appears at The Vic announcing that they are leaving and will never see Aaron again. When Jean hears this she berates Harvey for abandoning his son, leaving him shaken.

Spotting Harvey at The Vic, Mitch sits with him but when Keegan appears and questions Harvey about Aaron, Mitch walks out leaving Harvey to drown his sorrows alone. But for how long?

Elsewhere, Peter is shocked to hear about Aaron and warns Bobby to stay away from Dana, but disregarding his brother's advice, Bobby visits Kathy and asks to borrow money as he plans to propose.

When Kathy reveals Bobby's plan to Peter, he tells her what he knows and later as Bobby gets down on one knee in front of Dane, Harvey watches on as Kathy and Peter burst in, not wanting to let her grandson marry into this family.

Ben overhears Bobby trying to get Kathy to see sense about Dana and give him a piece of his mind about close-minded people.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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