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Tiffany's insecurities grow as Keegan wins big award in EastEnders

And Bernie blurts out the truth about being Rainie's surrogate.

In the café, Tiffany reluctantly gives Bernie more diet pills, even though she warns that they are dangerous especially if she is pregnant Insisting that she takes a pregnancy test, Tiffany buys the test herself.

When Rainie sees them, she is adamant that she will be there when Bernie takes the test.

Meanwhile, Keegan is thrilled to have reached the final three of Walford’s Best Street food competition, but while talking to the journalist, he sees Tiffany in the shop buying Bernie’s pregnancy test, believing it's for her.

At home, Tiffany opens the pregnancy test just as Keegan comes in and Bernie eventually blurts out the truth to Keegan.

Later, an angry Karen confronts Bernie who gives her mother some home truths, reminding her that it's this money that paid for their bills.

When Vi tries to set Keegan up with a random girl, she makes a rude comment to Tiffany who tries to hide her hurt. To make matters worse, later in the market, Tiffany sees Keegan with journalist Beth and compares herself even more.

As the evening nears, Tiffany tells him she is getting a facial and Keegan wins the award, just as Tiffany enters with a disturbing rash on her cheek, completely unaware.

When she is finally told by Keegan how her face looks, she is mortified and insists she leaves Keegan to enjoy his night.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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