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Toadie discovers Terese's betrayal as she comforts Paul following David's wake in Neighbours

But has Toadie also betrayed Terese by confiding in Melanie?


As Terese and Toadie argue over the situation with Paul at David's wake, Toadie thinks what Paul did was unforgivable, whilst Terese is more understanding and believes that having lost a child herself, Paul will be in more torment than any other punishment people could give him.

Later, Paul is devastated when Leo tells him that he's moving out of the apartment and send Terese a text to see him. And despite Terese telling Leo that his father is in trouble, Leo doesn't care.

When Toadie goes to do some late-night work at the office, he crosses with Melanie who shares his confusion as to why Terese is so forgiving of Paul. Crossing the complex, Terese sees her husband working late, but it's Paul she decides to go and visit.

The following day, Toadie harbours his own feelings of guilt, for having confided in Melanie, about his frustration with Terese and the sympathy she’s showing towards Paul.

Discovering that Toadie chose his ex-wife as a confidante, Karl is disconcerted and gentrly warns him that Terese would consider it a major betrayal if she were ever to find out about the conversation.

Later, in an attempt to cause trouble for Terese, Chelsea accidentally on purpose lets slip to Toadie that Terese visited Paul during the previous evening.

Shocked and hurt, Toadie heads straight to the Kennedy house to vent to Karl, but only Melanie is home. Very mindful of Karl’s earlier warning, Toadie is at first reluctant to share what’s on his mind.

Seeing he's upset, Melanie encourages him to tell her what’s happened and Toadie unable to hold back, explains Terese’s betrayal and wonders what this means for his marriage.

If Terese is putting Paul first, does that mean she still has feelings for him?

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee

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