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Toadie worries that JJ is a bad influence on Nell in Neighbours

When Dex collapses with a mystery illness, was JJ responsible?


Though miles from one another, JJ and Nell are both stuck in teen misery and when JJ arrives for his first day of work at the vineyard, he's set some cripplingly uninspiring tasks by Leo, while Nell is unable to convince Toadie to write her a note to help her get out of all the homework she hasn’t completed.

Needing an escape, Nell truants school and visits JJ at the vineyard, where the two of them get up to some mischief. Though Nell is almost caught by Leo and a visiting Krista, Toadie quickly learns something is amiss back in Erinsborough.

Frustrated by Nell continuing to do the wrong thing whenever JJ is around, he sets out with Terese to retrieve her. But unbeknownst to JJ and Nell, a masked figure injects a mysterious substance into one of the bottles of wine JJ’s meant to be looking after.

Later at the launch for Eirini Rising, what nobody knows is that one of the bottles of wine from Yorokobi vineyard has been tampered with. As the day progresses we are left wondering who will drink the poison wine.

When Dex is rushed to hospital, gravely ill, the cause of his collapse is a mystery and Toadie learns that JJ was a part of Dex’s collapse. Concerned about his and Nell’s closeness, Toadie bans Nell from seeing JJ again.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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