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Toby comes out of his coma in Hollyoaks

But can Martine and Felix agree on whether to forgive him?

As Toby comes out of his coma, Martine makes it her mission to ensure policeman Saul doesn’t find out he’s awake, hoping to delay his arrest.

When Grace overhears the news, Martine begs her to keep quiet, But will she cover for her? And when Martine later comes face to face with Toby, can she forgive him?

Shocked to find out that Toby is awake, Felix confronts Martine about not telling him and she admits that she’s been in denial. As Felix pleads with her not to give up on their son, DeMarcus is not so forgiving and admits that he’s called Saul.

Toby meanwhile, is shocked to see Saul by his bedside, demanding for him to sign an official confession. Felix arrives just in the nick of time, but how long can he be protected?

And as Martine decides to stand by her son, Felix makes a life-altering decision.

At the hospital, Cleo refuses to listen to what Toby has to say and it later looks like Toby is contemplating taking his own life after Martine receives a concerning video message. But is all what it seems?

As Martine embarks on an elaborate plan to protect her family, she pleads with Felix to support her. But with DeMarcus feeling abandoned, and a vengeful Saul hot on their trail, will the scheme be successful?

And with Saul’s mission for justice no longer above board, he steals Grace’s gun and sets out for blood. But will she manage to talk him down from doing something he’ll regret?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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