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WHAT TO WATCH 23-29 July

This week’s best telly includes the final week of Love Island, the return of Orange is the New Black and the continuation of ITV's Unforgotten. Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Love Island

Monday 23rd - Friday 27th July and Sunday 29th July at 9pm on ITV2

It's the final week of Love Island 2018 as the countdown to next Monday's final begins.

Out of the original islanders, Dani and Jack are the only original couple to remain together, elsewhere original Islanders Alex, Wes and Laura have coupled up with Alexandra, Megan and Paul.

But will they manage to stay in all the way to the final? And what about the newbies? Do we even care about Josh and Steph at this stage? Didn't think so!

2. Our Girl

Tuesday 24th July at 9pm on BBC One

As the latest (and final?) series of Our Girl comes to an end, Georgie accompanies Barsha to the police station to break the news of Sumon’s kidnapping to Inspector Chowdhrey and another audacious attempt is made to kill him.

Caught in the crossfire and rushed to hospital, Georgie finds herself struggling with her feelings for Captain James. With Sumon still missing, Captain James calls in Special Forces and Rab and Maisie are sent undercover.

2 Section find themselves on a daring mission and a deadly shoot out with the drugs gang to try and recover Sumon. Will 2 Section be able to escape?


3. Stath Lets Flats

Wednesday 25th July at 10pm on Channel 4

Why more people aren't talking about Stath Lets Flats I'll never know. It's easily the best comedy on television at the moment. In this week's penultimate episode, Stath faces the aftermath of a drunken passionate night with Carole.

Stath is infatuated with his former rival, but will his feelings be reciprocated?

Meanwhile it’s results day at College for Sophie. Stath had promised to take her but is caught up in his own drama and she turns to Al for support.


4. Keeping Faith

Thursday 26th July at 9pm on BBC One

This week in Keeping Faith, now in custody, Faith butts heads with DI Williams, who believes she may have more to do with Evan's disappearance than she is letting on.

At the police station, Faith encounters Reverend Talbot, a family friend, and represents him on charges of misusing church funds. Tom enlists the help of his friend, Swansea detective DCI Parry, to look into his son's files, while Lisa tracks down a lead at a lap-dancing club Evan was seen frequenting.

Troubled by the discovery of a DNA test kit in Evan's office, Faith confronts Marion and uncovers a dark family secret.


5. Orange is the New Black

Friday 27th July on Netflix

As Orange is the New Black returns for its sixth season, very little has been released about what we can expect.

What we do know is that the ladies have been moved to a maximum security prison, where they face danger as they risk the wrath of their fellow inmates.

6. Stewart Lee: Content Provider

Saturday 28th July at 10:45pm on BBC Two

Despite axing his series, BBC Two have brought Stewart Lee back onto the channel (albeit in a ridiculously late slot) with a recording of his latest tour Content Provider.

How do you write a one-size fits all stand-up comedy show to tour around divided Brexit Britain? Stewart Lee found himself having to do exactly that, as he dragged his resilient Content Provider show around the dis-united kingdom for 18 months and 214 dates, in the wake of the referendum.

Captured in leave-voting Southend-On-Sea, Content Provider sees the country’s most consistently critically acclaimed stand-up at the zenith of his powers and the peak of physical collapse, on a stage strewn with obsolete physical media, as he attempts to understand his place in a digital dystopia.


7. Unforgotten

Sunday 29th July at 9pm on ITV

This week in Unforgotten, Cassie and Sunny begin interviewing the four male occupants of The Spinney over the millennium whilst the rest of the team look at the timelines and leads from the original investigation.

James Hollis is the first to be interviewed, alongside his solicitor, who tells the pair that he rented the cottage with his three school friends, Tim Finch, Chris Lowe and Peter Carr. James, Tim and Chris were there with their ex-wives and children, whilst Peter was single. James says he remembers Hayley from the press, but never saw her at the house.

Meanwhile, Chris, Jamila and Asif are looking for flats in Bristol, but Jamila tells Chris that she needs to know about his past to move forward in their relationship which he agrees to do.



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