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WHAT TO WATCH 9-15 April

This week’s best telly includes the start of three comedies, the end to one of BBC One’s best dramas (so far) of 2018 and the return of Britain’s Got Talent. 

Here are 7 TV shows you have to watch this week...

1. Famalam

Monday 9th April from 10am on BBC Three

Sketch shows are rare on TV these days, but following a successful pilot last year on BBC Two and a recent BAFTA TV nomination for its star Samson Kayo, Famalam has been given a new four-part series which will premiere on BBC Three ahead of its upcoming BBC Two airing.

In the first episode we meet misunderstood superhero Eclipse, we get to watch the latest edition of William and Funke’s over-raunchy morning chat show and learn the secrets voodoo skills of Croydon’s leading witch doctor Professor Lofuko.

We’ll also learn a little royal history with grime MC Scribbler P, get a sneak preview of the latest Nollywood blockbuster, and see Midsomer Murders injected with some much needed cultural diversity.


2. Plebs

Monday 9th April at 10pm on ITV2

After two years away, Plebs returns this week for its fourth series and it begins with a double-bill!

A catastrophic industrial accident sees the end of Stylax and whilst Marcus seeks financial compensation, Grumio prefers to ‘go to seed’ at home and it's not long before dappy blonde builder and new-Pleb-on-the-block Jason, played by Jonathan Pointing, steps into their lives.

In the second episode, despite only being open a few days, the boys’ bar receives a devastating ‘1 Fork’ review from Athena, the leading food critic in Rome. Grumio invites her back for a re-match with his experimental new menu; while Jason can’t stop hiring waitresses.


3. Come Home

Tuesday 10th April at 9pm on BBC One

Whilst British comedy has had an excellent start to 2018, the same can't be said for British drama although Come Home has been brilliant so far and this week sees the series reach its conclusion.

In the final episode, Greg and Marie hurtle towards a divisive and epic family court case. As the narrative jumps between the past and the present, flashbacks dig deeper into Marie and Greg’s life together as the custody battle forces them to examine the choices they’ve made and the impact of their behaviour.

Will the court make the right decision? And what will it mean for Greg, Marie and the kids moving forward?


4. Cunk on Britain

Tuesday 10th April at 10pm on BBC Two

Cunk on Britain continues this week as Philomena travels the length and breadth of the country to discover who we really are, how we got here and why. This week, her odyssey takes her from King Henry VIII to Lord Horatio Nelson.


5. In The Long Run

Thursday 5th April at 10pm on Sky One

If you're yet to binge watch the entire series, then I commend your patience. I simply couldn't wait, but for those who have this week In The Long Run continues on Sky One with an engagement party!

Surely not for Valentine? No, it's for Walter's goddaughter Cynthia, but with her father disapproving of her union she turns to Walter in a panic and begs for help. Walter and Agnes agree to take on the role of 'family elders' and are tasked with making sure everything goes smoothly.

But the problem extends beyond Cynthia’s side of the family. Fiancé Kevin’s Glaswegian clan struggle with the West African traditions, and stereotypes and misconceptions on both sides threaten to derail the relationship before it’s begun.

4/6 (All episodes available via On Demand and NOW TV)

6. Britain’s Got Talent

Saturday 14th April at 8pm on ITV

This week Britain's Got Talent returns to ITV for an incredible 12th series. Once again, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams return to their rightful thrones on the judging panel in the search for the most exciting talent around.

Over the past few months they've travelled the length and breadth of the country looking for that winning act who can not only capture the heart and imagination of the great British public but who is also fit to perform for a Royal.

Whilst Ant will remain alongside Dec in the pre-recorded auditions it's highly probable that Dec will host the live finals solo in a few weeks time.


7. The Keith & Paddy Picture Show

Saturday 14th April at 9:25pm on ITV

Last year's winner of Best New Comedy at the I Talk Telly Awards was The Keith & Paddy Picture Show and this week the series returns with five more film parodies and a Christmas special later in the year.

This week Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness are joined by Stacey Solomon, Nicole Scherzinger, Fearne Cotton, Marvin Humes, Emily Atack, Pat Oliver, James Crossley, Emma Willis, Adam C Booth, Hank Osasuna and George Potts as they recreate Grease in just half an hour!



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