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As Vanessa begins her chemotherapy in Emmerdale, Charity is upset by her behaviour

But as they try to make amends, will Vanessa's request prove too much for Charity?

Vanessa urges Charity to stay home and look after a sick Moses rather than join her in the hospital on her first day of chemotherapy. As she prepares to begin her treatment alone, Kerry happens to walk past and decides to keep her company. But as the two get friendly, Charity arrives to interrupt them and flips out.

Back home, the rows continue and Vanessa is annoyed by her behaviour and turns to Rhona for support. As the two head our for a boozy night to celebrate Rhona's birthday, Vanessa bets a nearby student that she can beat him at a game of pool.

But as she later celebrates winning by ordering more drinks, Vanessa is insulted by one of the uni students and their row is captured on camera which Charity later sees as it begins to circulate on social media.

With Vanessa feeling wretched, Charity ends up drinking her sorrow and as they try to make up, Vanessa asks Charity a big question - but as she falters, their rift fail to heals as they both struggle with the enormity of everything.


Emmerdale continues Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th April at 7pm on ITV

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