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ED FRINGE REVIEW Ellie Taylor, This Guy

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This year, Ellie Taylor is back at the Fringe with her fourth show, This Guy.

Last year's show, Infidelliety was a particular highlight from my time at the festival and when I heard that Ellie was returning to the Fringe with a brand new hour and a upgraded venue, I simply had to make sure she formed part of my schedule.

Earlier this year Ellie appeared on Live At The Apollo and she can currently be seen in BBC Two's new satirical show The Mash Report alongside Nish Kumar and Rachel Parris.

Leaving the free Fringe for the first time, Ellie is now performing in what for me, is the best venue at the Fringe, the Pleasance Courtyard. A venue promotion she absolutely deserves.

Last year, Ellie spoke about spotting hot guys everywhere and wishing she'd slept around more and this year she's kept the filter off as she reveals the time she lost her virginity, but the show is entered around why she doesn't want a baby - despite receiving a rather unsubtle and inappropriate gift from her mother-in-law last Christmas.

She has, and I quote, "the maternal instinct of a pitta bread" and I can never tire of hearing her stories about her 5-year-old godson. I genuinely need to be kept up to date in every subsequent show!

Someone else she speaks about a lot is her husband, a CNN correspondent (with a rather large square head). She hopes that one day he'll return with a limb missing, with a story attached that provides enough material for an Edinburgh show. Does he really needs both legs? This is a questions she asks herself a lot.

Describing her first television commercial was a particular highlight of the hour, as were her tales of what goes on in the WhatsApp group between her and the only other two childless friends she has left from school.

But the moment which had me in stitches was when she read out some comments which were left underneath her Live At The Apollo performance on YouTube. I genuinely worried that I'd used up all my laughter in what was only the second show I'd watched at this year's festival.

There's a really nice moment at the end of the show that hints at a different side to Ellie... but she soon reverts back to the no filter Ellie we know and love.

Ellie continues to have the audience eating out of the palm of her hand delivering a very confident, honest and super-slick performance. Ellie is still very much at the start of her career and I have no doubts that this is a career which will just continue to grow.

She's likeable, relatable and very very funny and the fact she is selling out shows proves that she deserves to be at a paid venue at the Fringe.

If you don't manage to catch her in Edinburgh, she will be taking This Guy out on tour, so if she's anywhere near you, please make sure that you go and see her. You won't be disappointed.

Ellie Taylor: This Guy runs until Sunday 27th August at 5:45pm at the Pleasance Courtyard (Beneath)


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