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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Kerry's discovery, Victoria's struggle and more

The following storylines will air 2nd - 6th September at 7pm on ITV

Amy's worried when Kerry makes her realise that Nate won't keep the secret of how the fire was started for very long. Misunderstanding a conversation between Nate and Tracy, Amy accuses Nate of betraying her trust, but Nate insists it was the other way round and that he was covering for her. Feeling guilty, Amy storms off.

When Kerry is approached by an upset Amy, she comforts her over Nate, determined to confront him. As Kerry later arrives at the farm to have words with Nate, she's shocked to see him and Moira passionately kissing.

Will Kerry confront Nate and Moira and will she tell her daughter the truth about what she has witnessed?

Aaron tries to reassure Robert over his plea hearing as he reads through his case. During his meeting with his solicitor, Robert is shocked to be told to plead guilty, making it clear that he will not.

Knowing it wasn’t actually self defence, Victoria struggles with her conscience especially as Robert is determined Victoria’s testimony will turn his case around. When Victoria confesses to Marlon that she lied to the police, he is shocked and she fears lying in court would make her no better than Lee.

How will Robert take Victoria’s news if she decides she can’t testify in court? Later in the week, in the courtroom the family steel themselves.

Elsewhere, Leyla wonders what she’s getting herself into as she interviews an enthusiastic Andrea for a job, Tracy is elated to think she has at last found some evidence that could prove Frank’s innocence and Dawn’s thrilled when Billy agrees to a lunch date.


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