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Jimmy brings Vinny out of his shell in Emmerdale

But at what cost?

As Vinny struggles without Liv, Mandy is grateful when Jimmy offers to talk to him. During a game of snap, Vinny opens up to Jimmy and after watching Vinny thrash Jimmy at poker, Will invites the pair to play a game at the pub.

Later, the poker attracts other villagers to the game and Vinny is in his element as Ryan, David and Mackenzie join the original three. Mack, however, is distracted by flash Darren’s arrival at the pub.

The next day, Vinny, Mack and Jimmy meet for an encore of their secret poker and hide their game from Charles.

Soon, more of the village are playing Poker and whizz Vinny is happy to have his mind taken off his troubles for once.

But Jimmy later feels guilty after letting it slip to Mandy, who soon accuses a frustrated Vinny of turning into his father.

The following day, Mack and Vinny discuss strategy in the cafe ahead of the poker game with Darren. But is it all getting out of hand?

How will Mandy react to Vinny’s behaviour and could it end in tears?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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