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Mary fears an intimate photo will be released as she's blackmailed by Faye in Emmerdale

Will Mary withdraw her statement?

After receiving a message from an unknown number asking to meet, Mary is thrown to see Faye looking dishevelled. Determined to remain steely in the face of her tormentor, Mary’s shocked to discover that Faye’s been sleeping in her car and is thrown when Faye tells her she loves her and begs her for a fresh start.

With Mary not believing her lies, the conversation takes a turn when Faye attempts to blackmail her. In possession of a private photo, Faye demands that Mary either change her witness statement or she’ll send a non-consensual nude photo of her to all her contacts.

The next day, things escalate further when Faye enters Smithy and reminds Mary that the clock’s ticking for her to withdraw her statement before she sends out the picture. With Mary agog at her cruelty, Rhona is in disbelief when she returns to Smithy and finds Faye smug and unruffled, telling Mary that they can meet tomorrow to confirm that she’s withdrawn her statement.

Rhona’s appalled that Faye’s blackmail could make Mary withdraw her statement. Mary’s just desperate to stop the photo being sent out, she grows increasingly distraught at the prospect as Rhona promises to fix the situation. Utterly defeated by Faye’s blackmail, Rhona’s heartbroken to see her mum so vulnerable.

The next day, Mary feels betrayed by Rhona after Marlon lets slip that he knows about the blackmail. When April tells Mary that she’s inspired by her grandma’s truth-telling, Mary’s left guilty about her plan to lie to the police and withdraw her statement to escape Faye’s blackmail.

On her way into the police station to change her statement and exonerate Faye, Mary freezes, totally torn about what to do.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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